SyncMyClass app is packed with features to make managing your school easy and enjoyable.
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How SyncMyClass Helps
SyncMyClass is a cloud based School Management Software and Administrative Software developed to provide to the needs of the educational sector.It is Best erp software for school .This software will help you to organize the management of institutes and make it far more efficient in the process. Use SyncMyClass to manage students, teachers, courses and all the systems and processes related to running your institute in competent way. SyncMyClass provides a user-friendly dashboard with login access for teachers, non-teaching staff and management workforce of your institution. Any update added from the admin dashboard will send a notification to the Mobile App extension will be provided with every student and parent. It has modules to manage Attendance, Timetable, Examination, Results and Events in the school. These modules available make easy all the processes of your institution, from admission of new students to keeping records of his academic improvement.
Why SyncMyClass?

Timetable makes it easy to note what assignments you have due on what days, which days you have exams and more.


SyncMyClass provides an efficient way to perform attendance marking and tracking


It will give you all homework at a glance. It has a Simple Interface and Modern Design which makes it easy for anyone to use.


Generate various students examination reports,schedule and manage examination efforlessly to fit the needs of your institution.


Marks and Reports will provide a factual and up-to-date information about the progress in a students academics.


SyncMyClass will notify both teachers and students about events in the institute on their android phones.


Announcements can be send to a student or a group of students and thus help them to know about the events that are organized in the institution. The announcements can be shared among the students using the applications in the phone like Gmail, etc

Bus Tracking System

View School Bus pick-up and drop routes, live school bus location.

Parent Student Login

Both parents and students have their individual login access to SyncMyClass which allows them to be updated from anywhere in the world.

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This app has been designed to provide information like Academic, Attendance, Homework to parents, students, staff.

SyncMyClass app is packed with features to make managing your school easy and enjoyable. Update your information like Academic, Attendance, Homework at any time, from anywhere.

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